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Dog Aggression & Dog Problem Behaviour is our Expertise!!!

Positive Motivational Dog Training, The Intelligent Way!

Many owners become frustrated or overwhelmed when searching for a dog training method.  They are confronted with so much conflicting information out there. Such as "alpha dog", "dominant dog" or "wolf pack theory".  At Savagesams we make this process easier for you.  Our motivational methods are based on the scientific principle of animal behavior and learning.   The study of animal behavior and learning can be found in the field of biology, psychology, ecology and animal training .  It takes many years of studies at  the university to become a Professional in Animal Behavior.  At Savagesams dog training  our animal behavior analyst  has met the above criteria.  Our  experienced behaviorist is  educated and qualified to resolve your dogs behavior  problem .   University Degree Qualifications - Hon. B.  Soc. Science &  M. Science Psychology. Specializing in "cognition, behavior and learning abilities" in animals especially dogs.


Dog Training Offered:

We offer  positive motivational training, dog obedience training,  real life situational training,  rally obedience,  tricks,  canine freestyle, companion dog training, service dog training, puppy household manners and solutions to many dog behavioral problems.  Clicker training is available.  Enjoyable motivational dog training approaches where your dog will want to learn.  No harsh methods.   


Solutions to Dog Aggression or Dog Destructive Behaviors

Up to date academic behavioral modification techniques which are used to solve  many dog behavior problems such as:  fear based dog aggression,  leash aggression,  aggression towards other dogs  or aggression towards people.  Some other forms of dog aggression problems may include  "dog territorial aggression , multi household aggression or  idiographic aggression".   Some other dog problems we tend to are separation anxiety, chewing, barking, recall issues, resource guarding (guarding objects), housetraining and other destructive behaviors.


Time Format

If you do not have the time to train your dog other arrangements could be made for you. We offer private dog training. We design a plan for your specific needs. Boarding your dog may be available.  Training dogs the intellectual  way.  Training  with  our brains and no pain.


Membership & Service

Member of the Canadian Association of Professional  Dog Trainers and the American Professional Pet Dog Trainers.  Other memberships or qualifications include:  Canadian Kennel Club, German Shepherd Club,  MDSA, dog evaluator at the SPCA., working and training staff at dog rescue's and volunteering my services at the  SPCA for hard core dogs with severe behavioral problems.    In the long run, my goal is to help dogs  with all sorts of  behavioral problems.  Training them for they can remain in the family home.    At the same time creating a strong bond between  "owner and dog".

Our expertise is dealing with "all"  aspects of behavioral problems in dogs.


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ENJOY THE VIDEO !       What can be achieved with dog training "learning methods"!       

You Tube Video 1 :         Bad dogs gone to good dogs!

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You Tube Video 3:  German Shepherd doing the backward weave - Ottawa & Gatineau Dog Training - Savagesams Dog Behavior & Training


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